WIP Wednesday

Another small bit of my Regency romance Brynnde. Here Brynnde has received a note from her ex-fiancé Garrick. Their engagement had to be called off due to Garrick’s brother falling into scandal. This is Brynnde’s reaction to the note:

Until that moment, Brynnde had not realized she’d still held hope in her heart for . . . Something. A reconciliation? A re-engagement? Some kind of attachment. No, she did not love Garrick, but a tiny part of her had hoped—believed—he loved her. She’d taken energy from that, and this note snatched it away.

WIP Wednesday

More from my Regency romance novel Brynnde:

“Am I to understand that you travel a good deal?” asked Brynnde.
“I do. I enjoy it. And I find the country unutterably dull.”
“I am sorry, then, that you were coerced into coming to our house party.”
“Well, it was either come along or knock around Ridgemow alone,” Garrick said.
“So we are the lesser of two evils.”
Garrick grinned. “Oh, Miss Archambault, I cannot imagine you to be the lesser of anything.”

I’ve done the math, and if I write 647 words per day, I can reach my goal of being finished by June 30 (assuming 55k words total). Seems doable, but some days I get almost nothing written, and with summer holidays, etc., who knows? Still, I have to try.

WIP Wednesday

Another tidbit from my Regency romance Brynnde:

Brynnde watched in a dazed and distracted sort of way as Garrick lifted his hand, not realizing what he meant to do until he ran a finger over her cheek. She knew she should pull away, but rather like a cat she felt compelled to push her cheek into the touch. “I doubt Papa would—” she began, but then a shrill call cut her words short.

“Brynnde! Brynnde, are you out here?”

“Yes, Maman!” Brynnde answered. She turned to give Garrick some hasty parting words but, like a shadow burned away by sunlight, he was already gone.