IWSG: Loss for Words

InsecureWritersSupportGroupIt’s IWSG day again, the first of 2016! (Click here for info on IWSG. And here’s what I’m insecure about: not having anything to say.

I want to blog, but I honestly feel like I’ve got nothing much to talk about (except maybe my book coming out, but I don’t want to keep saying that over and over because I know it will bore people). I find myself thinking, I should post something today, but I can’t think of anything to post. In fact, I’m super glad today is IWSG, because it gives me something to write about!

What do people want to know and read about? I have no idea. And that’s pretty bad for an author, right? For someone who is supposed to keep people entertained through words? But then again, I’ve never been one to try and write to the public. I write what I want to write and hope a few people find it worth reading.

So is the problem really that I can’t find anything I want to write about? Hmm. Yes, that actually seems possible.

Which means the next question is: How do you figure out what you want to write [about]?

How do people choose blog topics?

I’d love to hear how some of you decide what to write and post on your blogs and sites!

IWSG: Pending

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First off, please let me take a moment to wish my husband a very happy birthday!

Now on to the main event.

This month I’m feeling insecure about my pending release. This is because my publisher was supposed to give me materials to send reviewers last month but they haven’t yet. So I had lined up reviewers, had told them they’d have stuff to look at in November, and now . . . I don’t know when it will happen.

Pre-orders are also supposed to go up any day now. My publisher had originally told me November for that, too, but when I inquired they then told me it would be more like 4–6 weeks prior to release. (Release date is 15 January.) I hope it’s closer to six. I mean, those two weeks can make a big difference to sales.

So yeah. I’m feeling insecure about potentially losing reviewers I worked hard to get and losing sales because my pre-orders aren’t up yet. On the whole my publisher has been lovely, really, but these last couple hurdles have me very frustrated.

It’s a learning curve, I suppose. I used to work in publishing, but now I’m on the other side of it. And I’ve done some self-publishing, but now I’m navigating what it means to work with a small publisher. I really am grateful for the opportunity and experience. Just need to take a few deep breaths and get through it.

Another thing I’m starting to be nervous about: I’m making HUGE edits to Changers. That always makes me nervous because I worry I’m actually making it worse rather than better.

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What am I insecure about these days? A lot of things! Peter is due out in a few short months, and so of course I’m worried about reviews and how well it will do. I’m also worried about being able to write a sequel. I’ve dabbled with it a bit, have a couple pages written and a vague notion of the plot, but it’s all still very amorphous, like a cloud with no clear shape.

I’m insecure about finding a place for Changers, and about writing more Sherlock Holmes stories. Can I keep three series going? (The Holmes stories, the Peter Stoller series, and the Changers series?)

And I’m insecure about how I will come off in a recent podcast interview I did. Like, I’m excited for having done it and simultaneously worried I’ll sound like an idiot or a nut job or something. Sigh.

The more I have going on, the more paralyzed I begin to feel. It means I have to be (gasp!) disciplined and have to (double gasp!) prioritize. I never had any trouble with it when I worked in publishing because we had set deadlines. But when you’re working for yourself, unless you have a publisher breathing fire on your neck . . . And if you do, never complain about it—you’re lucky.

I know I’m capable. I can do it. I just need to organize myself. And some encouragement wouldn’t hurt either. I heard from a reader this week, and it was just lovely that she took the time to say she’s been enjoying my Sherlock Holmes stories. Stuff like that makes me want to keep going, even when I’m feeling insecure and stuck.

IWSG: Edits!

I received an email from my editor at Tirgearr this morning saying she’ll be sending me edits for Peter either late next week or early the week after that. Eep!

After working on Peter for so long, I of course want to think it’s very clean. Nearly perfect, right? But I’m also a reasonable, logical person (at least some of the time), so I know there will be stuff to fix. Maybe even a lot.

I’m really kind of scared.

It’s like handing your baby over to a surgeon and not being sure what will come back. Lots of stitches? Only a few scars?

And having been an editor so long myself, you’d think I’d have more insight or whatever, but it’s very different being on this side of things.

So that’s what I’m insecure about at the moment. That and the revisions I’ll need to do on Changers. My critique group will be tearing that manuscript apart in the coming weeks as well.

My Hallowe’en horror story: having my work ripped to shreds!