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Upcoming Publications

  • “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of Ichabod Reed” (Amazon Kindle)
  • “Alice,” “Secret Admirer,” and “The Summons” in Daily Flash 2013: 365 Days of Flash Fiction (Pill Hill Press)
  • “Warm Bodies” in NorthNorthwest 7th Edition (Northwest Playwrights Alliance)

Upcoming Productions
There are no upcoming productions at this time.

Upcoming Appearances

  • Austin Film Festival, Austin, Texas (18-21 October 2012)
  • San Francisco Writers Conference, San Francisco, California (14-17 February 2013)

“Warm Bodies” to be Published

My short play “Warm Bodies” has been selected for inclusion in an upcoming anthology, an annual collection put out by Northwest Playwrights Alliance. The theme for the 2012 anthology is “A Better Life.” I’ll make an announcement and put it on the Shop page of the site when it becomes available.

I’m really very pleased that my first attempt at writing for the stage has been (for a beginner) pretty successful. “Warm Bodies” premiered at the 3rd Annual Lab Works put on by the Valley Repertory Company in Enfield, Connecticut. Then it was produced as part of Source Theatre Festival 2012 in Washington D.C. Maybe it’s beginner’s luck, but I’ll take what I can get.

I seem to be better at the short stuff than the long, perhaps because I do tend to be a somewhat economical writer. I once had a reader say to me in a letter that she liked how I could create such vivid imagery and feelings with so few words. She said it gave everything more impact. I like to think so. My goal is not to drag out and bore people. I hope I’m achieving that.

Places I’ll Be

Mostly I’m a hermit—writers are often like that, in order to write—but I have two conferences coming up, so people wanting to meet me (and not ambush me at home or at the store or, as happened once, while I’m at the Doctor Who Experience) can plan accordingly.

18-21 October 2012—Austin Film Festival, Austin, TX. I don’t know my schedule yet, and I do have real and actual friends to visit on top of attending, but I’ll be around and probably even wearing a name tag.

14-17 February 2013—San Francisco Writers Conference, San Francisco, CA. Now that I live out here, I am technically a “San Francisco Writer,” I suppose. So I’ll be wandering around this conference, too.

To my UK fans (and for whatever reason there seem to be more of you than US ones): I don’t expect to be back on that side of the world until perhaps late summer/fall 2013? I wish I could be more of a jetsetter, sure, but . . . Thanks, though, for the encouragement and love. I love all of you, too. One day, if we’re all very lucky, I’ll settle down on those shores for good.

Playwriting Opportunity: Mentoring Project (Wales)

Ty Newydd National Writers Centre for Wales

Tutor: Kaite O’Reilly

Dec 7 – 9, 2012 and April 12 – 14, 2013 (2 weekends, with email contact between)

This unusual course offers aspiring writers for live performance the rare opportunity of developing a new short play with guidance, tuition and dramaturgical feedback over a 4 month period by award winning writer, Kaite O’Reilly. It is designed for those who are new to the medium but serious about their writing, who wish to develop their skills as a dramatist in a supportive but professional environment. The focus will be on process—storylining, creating characters, plot, and dramatic tension, and developing the dramaturgical skills required to structure, shape, revise and so complete a short script. Deadlines will be given for completing drafts, with full feedback and reports by Kaite, with advice and exercises on further strengthening the script.
Owing to the unique form of this course and the individual attention that will be given, there will only be 8 participants. If you wish to apply please send your booking form with a short writing history.
For information, fees, booking forms etc. contact Tŷ Newydd:
01766 522811

Kaite O’Reilly has won various awards for her work, including the Peggy Ramsay Award for YARD (Bush Theatre, London), finalist of the 2009 International Susan Smith Blackburn Award for The Almond and the Seahorse (Sherman Cymru) and 2010/11 Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry for her retelling of Aeschylus’s Persians (National Theatre Wales). In Water I’m Weightless, with National Theatre Wales, premiered at the Wales Millennium Centre in August 2012, before transferring to London’s Southbank Centre as part of the official Cultural Olympiad. An experienced tutor and mentor, Kaite has taught playwriting and dramaturgy at Universities and theatres across the UK (Exeter, Graeae Theatre, Soho Theatre, Birmingham Rep’, amongst others) as well as internationally (KNUA, Seoul; ITI, Singapore; Evora Festival, Portugal). Further information on Kaite can be found at

Alexander’s First Movie

My son Alexander has made his first movie. He’s six, so cut him some slack here; he at least had the idea of using a green screen for part of it. I’d tell you to grab some popcorn, but the movie is only 1.32 minutes long. Here it is. And no, I don’t know why he chose to call his production company CPS. He’s been telling me for over a year now he plans to have a company called CPS. When I asked him what it stood for, he said, “Well, what can it stand for?” I have yet to convince him that usually the name comes first, then the acronym. (Not a hard and fast rule, I know, but . . .)

Now Available: “Fearless” by Christine Rains

I’ll be reviewing it later, but you can get your copy free on Smashwords or via Createspace. Lots of different formats supported, so take your pick.

For those wondering, the story is of Abby, a young woman who helps children fight off the monsters under their beds and in their closets. Genre is paranormal romance.

And don’t forget: I’ll be interviewing Christine right here on my site on August 9th!