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Anthologies & Other Works

The World Ends at Five and Other Stories (Second Edition)

Currently Unavailable

A reissue of the 2008 anthology that includes a new introduction by the author and a heretofore unpublished flash fiction piece.

Letters to Rob

The site—once featured on the Atlantic Records message boards—is no longer around, but the letters to Rob Thomas and his Matchbox Twenty bandmates are available here for free in PDF. They’ve been formatted and include notes and an index. Enjoy.

Star Signs Operating Manual

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This Star Signs Operating Manual is designed to give you insight and techniques for working with various astrological personalities. If you know a person’s birthdate, look up the corresponding sign to learn more about the kinds of quirks and behaviors you might encounter while dealing with him. If you can understand where a person is coming from, and how they are likely to respond to certain situations, you can build a better relationship with him. There is no such thing as being incompatible; every relationship takes work, and this manual is made to help you relate more efficiently, as well as help you identify the right and wrong people for certain jobs.

Author M Pepper Langlinais