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Short Stories

“Origami of the Heart” (East of the Web, December 2019)

“The Zodiac Clock” (December 2018)

“A Good Washing and One Nice Dress” in Fairy Tales and Folklore Re-imagined (Between the Lines Publishing, November 2017)

“Professor Moriarty & the Demented Detective” (November 2017)

“Aptera” (Aurora Wolf, June 2016)

“Sherlock Holmes and the Monumental Horror” (July 2015)

Letter to My Younger Self (in How I Found the Write Path: A Compilation of Letters, September 2014)

“Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of Ichabod Reed” (September 2012)

“Sherlock Holmes and The Mystery of the Last Line” (July 2012)

“A.B.C.” in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine (Fall 2004) – audio version here

“A Day in the Life of a Moderately Successful Writer” and “The Snake” in Dingbat #4 (2000)

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