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“Willie” – a 10-minute play (2017)
“Three Nights” – a 15-minute play (2014)
“The Resurrection Game” – a 15-minute play (2014)
“Ladies of December” – a 10-minute play (2012)
“The Apple or the Cigarette” – a 10-minute play (2012)
“The Strange Art of Longing” – a play in one act (2011)
“Souls, Mated” – a 15-minute play (2011)
“20 August” – a play in one act (2011)
“Warm Bodies” – a 15-minute play (2011)

“proficient and touching”
—Steven McKnight, DC Theatre Scene

  Finalist, 3rd Annual Lab Works, Valley Repertory Company, Enfield, CT (premiered February 2012)
  Selection for Directors’ Scene Workshop, Sam Bass Community Theatre, Round Rock, TX
  Selection for the Source Theatre Festival, Washington D.C. (staged June 2012)
  Licensed by Lavender/Hassan Productions as the short film Adverse Possession (2013)

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Author M Pepper Langlinais