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Q: What does the “M” stand for?

A: This is the question I most get asked. The truth is, the “M” stands for a lot of things, chief among them:

  1. Methos. A nickname I acquired in college. It refers to a character from the television series Highlander. I’m not entirely sure how I became christened with the name, but the quote, “Now we have Methos, and now we’ll have a plan” had something to do with it, I think. Methos is the oldest Immortal, if not the wisest, but I’m not the oldest of my friends, so . . . Has more to do with his/my cunning as I understand it.
  2. Morningstar. As in “Lucifer Morningstar,” which I think was taken from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics? (At least as it applies to me.) Basically because I’m the one who gets called in when everything’s gone to hell. As a general rule, you don’t want to ever get to that point, and you don’t want to have to deal with me in Morningstar capacity.
  3. Mac. Short for MacGyver. My high school friends thought it was funny to give me duct tape, rubber bands and paper clips for my birthday. And I did carry a Swiss Army knife back then, which was before you were likely to get arrested for that kind of thing. (Also, call me privileged, but I went to a school where we really wouldn’t have considered stabbing one another.)
  4. Mandy. There are five people in this world who are able to call me this. If you wish to join their ranks, you will have to be a very special person indeed. Otherwise, were you to use this name in addressing me without my having first allowed it, I would probably ignore you.
  5. Manda. This is, in fact, my actual name.

Q: How do you pronounce your last name?

A: Long-lĭ-nay.

Q: Do you still do editing? Will you edit my book for me?

A: I do still edit from time to time, but I’m pretty selective about my projects because I have so much of my own work to keep me busy. If you want to submit the first few pages (no more than 20) of your manuscript as a sample to see if we’re a good fit, feel free. For prose, I charge a per-word rate of $.017 per word and that covers up to three rounds of edits. For screenplays, I charge $1.00 per page.

Q: Will you read/review my [book, script, movie, YouTube video, etc.]?

A: Maybe. I get a lot of stuff e-mailed to me, sometimes even sent to my house, and I do try to look through all of it. But I’m also a working writer with projects of my own, so unfortunately if it’s not something that really catches my attention, I can’t possibly spend any time with it. Also, be aware that I will give a very honest review/critique. And if you’re asking for notes/feedback on a script, understand that I can only give very general notes. For detailed feedback, I suggest submitting to contests or coverage services (so long as either is reputable). Or if you want to pay me for detailed notes, sure.

Q: Where are you from?

A: I usually answer this question with one of my own: “Originally or most recently?”

I was born in Texas. My childhood was spent going between there and southern Louisiana. I lived in Massachusetts for 12+ years and am now in California. And I travel a lot (as much as possible), so I don’t really feel like I’m “from” anywhere any more. More like, “Roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it.” (Job 1:7)

Q: Are you on IMDb?

A: Yes.

Q: Where can I find your old fanfics?

A: I’ve posted a couple on this site, under the Fan Fiction tab (Extended Bibliography menu). I’ve posted my Sherlock fic A Game of Hearts on Archive of Our Own (my user name is zmethos). For anything else, you’d need to find an old hard copy of the zine it was published in. Unfortunately, all my fics existed on floppy disk and in an old program called Microsoft Works. I still have the disks, but haven’t had a disk drive in years, and I don’t think Works is still a program either.

Q: Where can I find Letters to Rob?

A: The website is gone, but you can read the original 365 letters to Rob Thomas and his matchbox twenty bandmates here. (PDF) The follow-up letters are not currently available.

Q: Which Scottish clan are you from?

A: Innes.

Q: How can you be French Creole and have a Scottish clan?

A: At the very least there are two sides (sometimes more) to every family. Like in A Hard Day’s Night, when Paul says of his grandfather: “Everyone’s entitled to two, aren’t they? This is my other one.”

Q: What do you mean by “French Creole”?

A: I mean that in the mid 1700s my father’s family left France for Louisiana. We’re not Acadian (“Cajun”); we didn’t go to Nova Scotia only to be relocated later. We went directly to New Orleans. A minor distinction.

Q: What is your signature scent?

A: I wear Body by Burberry and sometimes Play by Givenchy.

Q: What’s your favorite flower?

A: I like a lot of flowers, but I’m especially fond of blue hydrangeas, daffodils, pink and yellow roses, gardenias, and violets.

Q: What’s your favorite flavor of jelly bean?

A: I’m a bit of a jelly bean snob and really only like Jelly Belly beans, mostly because they produce my favorite flavors. Whenever I go to a store that allows me to choose, I make this patented “M” mix: bubble gum + watermelon + Dr Pepper + just a splash of buttered popcorn.

Q: What astrological sign are you?

A: Really? Do people still ask this? I’m a Sagittarius, and my rising sign is on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp. Lunar Gemini, Venus in Scorpio . . . A lot of other stuff I can’t remember . . .

Have a question that wasn’t covered here? Send it to me.

One thought on “FAQs”

  1. Hi M. Pepper, this is Cristina Deptula, and we talked last weekend at the Book Festival. Great to meet you, I enjoyed hearing about The Rise and Fall of Peter Stoller – and yes, glad to see a book with a LGBT character where that isn’t the main focus and he’s just one of the guys.

    I’m a literary publicist with Authors, Large and Small and we would be glad to help you find reviews, signings, speaking opportunities and media interviews. Good to see you’re getting interviewed in other writers’ blogs – we’ll help you find more connections of that sort and also pitch you to the blogosphere and the podcast and radio circuit. We’ve just done a lot of research on current venues for suspense novels.

    Please feel welcome to visit our website at authorslargeandsmall.com – and in any case, your book looks interesting and I’m glad to have met a fellow creative writer!

    Thank you,


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