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In the Media

Discussing Brynnde and writing in multiple genres on Indie Beginning (April 2018)
Virtual tour of Little London on “No Extra Words” (September 2017)
“She Wrote A Book” with Lena Anani—The K-Pro (March 2016)
Untitled flash fiction piece read (by the host, not M) on “No Extra Words” (February 2016)
“She Wrote A Book” with Lena Anani—Sherlock Holmes & The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller (December 2015)

“What’s Write for Me” on Blog Talk Radio (December 2017)
“Tea Time” on Blog Talk Radio (December 2016)
“What’s Write for Me” on Blog Talk Radio (February 2016)

profiled in The Independent (February 2016)

Online Profiles and Interviews
Interview on NFReads (April 2019)
Interview on Kai Raine’s site (March 2018)
Spotlighted on SF Benson’s site (September 2017)
Interview with WildMind Creative (May 2017)
Profiled on Rose Phillips’ YA Blog (April 2017)
Interview on Christine Young’s Blog (April 2017)
Featured in Uncaged Books (December 2016)
Interview on With Love for Books (November 2016)
Discussing literary fiction on Jay Lemming’s site (November 2016)
Interviewed on Sarai Henderson’s Page (November 2016)
On C.J. Leger’s Author Spotlight (April 2016)
On A Blue Million Books (April 2016)
On The Five Year Project (February 2016)
On The Story Reading Ape’s Author Hall of Fame (January 2016)
On Authors Interviews (June 2015)
In Book Reader Magazine (December 2014)

YouTube / Video
Speaking at Livermore Library for NaNoWriMo (November 2018)
Participated in online panel about politics in science fiction and fantasy (November 2016)

M welcomes invitations to speak about writing, playwriting, screenwriting, and publishing. Feel free to contact her via email.

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One thought on “In the Media”

  1. My, my, my!!! How all of the children have grow up. Such a mystery is life. You are in Livermore, Christian is in San Francisco (SFMOMA education department) and Kathryn is in Hong Kong working on her PhD. If you ask why Hong Kong her partner is a quantitative analyst with Credit Suisse Bank. Me, I am just a widower still in Georgetown playing with photography, ceramics, amateur radio and disaster relief work (along with loving Jesus). Hope all is well with you.

    Bernie Davies

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