2012 Goals Revisited

Here were my goals for 2012, which I posted at the beginning of the year:

  • Finish “St. Peter in Chains”
  • Finish “The K-Pro”
  • Finish the spec script
  • Get at least one more play accepted for production somewhere

You’ll notice a couple of them are now yellow/orange, as in “caution light” color. This is because they are in some ways completed, but not really.

For the spec script: last night I finished the first full draft. Huzzah! So that’s “finished” in a way, but I do intend to do some rewrites.

And for the play acceptance, well, “Warm Bodies” got picked up again for another play festival, BUT . . . They are supposed to be sending a contract, so nothing is final yet. Plus, I’d really like a different one of my plays to get accepted for something.

Meanwhile, with a big move in just a few weeks now, I’m glad I’ve at least made this much progress early in the year. Who knows how long it will take to settle down enough to get my momentum back after the cross-country haul?

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