Split Personality

I’m working on two manuscripts right now that are really the same story told two very different ways. It’s kind of an interesting experiment, even if it is a lot of work.

Imagine you had twins. You love them both but only one will survive to adulthood. And you don’t know which one to nurture. That’s a bit how I feel about it. I keep spooning baby food into each one’s mouth, all the while wondering which will grow to be healthy and strong and which…

Maybe it would be better to think of them as plants. I feel less terrible about one plant withering and one thriving.

Actually, no I don’t.

Anyway, I’m terrible with plants. The harder I try to keep them alive, the more likely they are to die. I like to think the opposite is true of my writing. That, unlike plants that suffer when I touch them, my writing projects benefit from my efforts.

So will I write two full manuscripts and then discard one? Or will I realize before I’m finished which is the stronger prospect? No idea. I’ll just keep going until it becomes clear, one way or another. “Two roads diverged” and all that, but one of them will come to a dead end. Eventually.

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