Manifesting Destiny Fanart!

I’m stupidly excited for fanart based on Changers: Manifesting Destiny! It’s always been a little dream of mine that I’d create something people would want to either write fanfic or make fanart of. Now I’ve reached that benchmark!

This art is all by J.M. (I don’t want to use her full name because I don’t know that she wants that revealed.)

Beverly, in Vulpes form.

Beverly is a minor character, and I kind of conceived her as Han Solo-ish in her self-interest.

Marcus’ green-gold eye.

Marcus’ eyes are green, but when his alter ego Diodoric is around, streaks of gold appear in his irises.


Who wouldn’t want a snarky dragon living inside them and lending their life a running commentary? Maybe he sounds like Morgan Freeman? Nah, probably more like… Hmm. Who would voice Livian?

I worked briefly with an agent who had ties to Bandai, and she asked whether Changers would make a good video game… Maybe? But that’s long in the past, and I haven’t heard from that agent in years now. Still, it’s fun to think about what that might look like, or who might play the characters in a TV series or film adaptation… I don’t know any of the hot young actors these days, though, so I’d be useless for that.

Thanks so much to J.M. for the lovely art!!! Makes my heart so happy!!!

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