My 80s Crush

I should start by saying that in 1980 I was four years old and a little young for crushes. I really don’t remember much of the 80s as a whole, aside from a vague notion of Ronald Reagan as president (and that Genesis video with the puppets), and a fear of Russians, except that in my mind all Russians looked something like Gene Hackman, and so really I had a fear of, well, Gene Hackman.

I’ve had people make suggestions: Richard Dean Anderson (aka MacGyver). Yes, but I didn’t actually get into that show until the early 90s. And while I admired MacGyver, I didn’t have any romantic feelings for him or anything. Robert Downey Jr. I do like him—now. But in the 80s I didn’t know who he was because I was too young to see the kinds of movies he was in. Jonathan Frakes (aka Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation). I was a ST:TNG fan, true, but again, no especial romantic attachment to the characters or actors.

So after some thought and once I sifted down I discovered there are, perhaps, two potential candidates for this blogfest. The first would be Harrison Ford. Raiders of the Lost Ark is the first movie I can remember seeing in a cinema. (My parents swear my first movie was Bambi, but I don’t remember that at all.) I was under this strange impression that the main character’s name was Petey and was, because of his hat, some kind of cowboy, but these misunderstandings aside, the film made a terrific impression on me. I went over to my best friend’s house and forced her to play endless games of Indiana Jones (once I’d been corrected on the name). I was also aware that Indy was the same person as Han Solo from Star Wars, and since Star Wars was my best friend’s favorite movie, it was easy to marry the two into one game by making Han and Indy cousins.

Still, wanting to be someone is decidedly different than wanting to be with them. I was too young to want to be with anyone romantically; I only wanted to have adventures.

Candidate #2 came a few years later, when I was on the cusp of understanding “attraction.” It’s a movie I mention often enough here: Young Sherlock Holmes, starring Nicholas Rowe. That movie came out when I was nine, and while a part of me wanted to be Holmes—the clever one, the hero—a bigger part of me wanted to be Elizabeth. She was pretty, and moderately smart, and very pert, and most importantly: Holmes loved her. In my mind, nothing could be more perfect.

I think the influence of that movie, and of Rowe in the lead role, bred my predilection for tall, thin men with accents and messy hair who are somewhat more interesting looking than classically handsome. (Though growing up in a house filled with Sherlock Holmes in varying incarnations may also have had something to do with all that.) I was still too young to want anything more than, say, hand holding or, at a stretch, maybe a kiss (though the very idea embarrassed me without me understanding exactly why), or really just to be saved by the hero for once instead of being the hero myself. But I look at it this way: though I didn’t have fan posters in my room until I was much older, if there had been one in my room at age nine, it would have been of Young Sherlock Holmes and/or Nicholas Rowe. So using that as a rule of thumb, he comes out on top when attempting to gauge my budding interest in the opposite sex circa the 1980s.


16 thoughts on “My 80s Crush”

  1. I thought YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES was a great movie and was disappointed when it didn’t spawn a follow up, or even a TV series. I don’t believe I ever saw that actor in anything else.

    Nice choices. 🙂

  2. I didn’t see Young Sherlock Holmes and I’m not familiar with Nicholas Rowe, but I love the Harrison Ford choice. I was about 12 or so when I saw Indiana Jones and was totally in love with both Indy and the movie. 🙂

    Interesting post, it’s nice to meet you!

  3. Well, I have no idea who that guy is, but he’s adorable. I’ll have to see the movie some time.

    It was cute to get a peek into your mind pre-crushing age. You know, I guess Marion shouting “Indeeee!” could sound like “Peteeeee!” I’m sure I’ll think of that every time I watch now.

    And I’m with you on Robert Downey – I like him much more now than I did back then. Thanks so much for playing along on the fest!

  4. I had a dream about Riker the other day. He had braids in his beard with aluminum foil. Weird stuff. lol

    I liked RDA much better in SG-1, so could not claim him as an 80’s crush. HF and Nick Rowe are very fine choices.

  5. I had the same problem as you with a lot of the potentially perfect 80s crushes – in my case I was too young to actually love them at the time, and it was only later that I realised what I’d been missing 😉

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