IWSG: February 2019

What am I insecure about these days? Getting any writing done thanks to general upheaval. 1. We’re (hopefully) selling our house and (hopefully) moving. 2. My doctor says I need surgery. 3. I’m working with a nutritionist and so am on a new diet… that I hate… I’m overwhelmed and exhausted, and writing has fallen by the wayside.

ETA: We did sell our house, and we have bought a new one! Now all my insecurities can be about the actual move!

Question of the Month: Besides writing, what other creative outlets do you have?

I guess it depends on what you consider “creative.” Sometimes when I can’t find words, I go throw paint on a canvas. Just abstract, you know, because I can’t actually paint. I also love to sing. We do family karaoke nights regularly. But I also really enjoy puzzles and big LEGO kits… Do those count?

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9 thoughts on “IWSG: February 2019”

  1. Hi, I’m here from Alex’s blog. I enjoyed reading your post. It’s interesting that you’re good at creating pictures with paint and words, LOL. I”m barely decent with the latter, LOL. Drawing is not my strength. Seriously, I screw up stick people, LOL. Anyway, I’m impressed by your talent. I hope you’ll continue to hone both writing and painting, respectively. Happy writing.

  2. It’s good you bought a house and ALSO sold your old one. I remember buying a house once before the old one was sold, and it was a stressful couple of months before we managed to sell it. Two house mortgages at the same time was not pleasant.

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