IWSG: November 2018

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Still a bit nervous about my upcoming presentation at our public library next week. I’ve got my notes written and my PowerPoint presentation done, so I’m as prepared as I can be. Don’t know if I’m afraid a lot of people will be there or that no one will show up. At least a handful of my writing group members say they plan to attend, so I’ll have support!

Question of the Month: How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing?

I’m not even sure I understand this question. I *think* it’s asking whether my creativity as a writer has spilled into the rest of my life? I’ve always been a problem solver, so for me, it’s writing that draws from my natural creativity—my stories are puzzles to be solved via creative means. I put characters into situations and then have to get them back out. The most fun is when my subconscious has planted all the seeds and I don’t even realize it until I’m writing the resolution and everything falls into place.

And ICYMI: Faebourne is now available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback! (Well, the paperback is pre-order, but it comes out next Monday, so it won’t be a long wait to hold it in your hands!) If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can even read Faebourne for FREE!

When mild-mannered Duncan Oliver is abducted by the Milne brothers and taken to their legendary home of Faebourne, his unexciting life becomes much more interesting. Adelia Milne has been cursed, and Duncan is her chosen champion to break the spell. Duncan may not be a hero, but he is a gentleman, and he refuses to leave a lady in distress. He becomes determined to take on the quest on Miss Milne’s behalf.

Meanwhile, an unlikely rescue team forms in the pairing of Duncan’s best friend George and valet Davies. As they set out for Faebourne—and also perchance to learn more about Davies’ obscured family history—what begins as an unequal partnership quickly blooms into friendship… and possibly something more.

Read the first chapter here.

6 thoughts on “IWSG: November 2018”

    1. The presentation is the most basic of “How to Write a Book” or, really, “How to Produce a Polished Manuscript.” Literally the steps involved. This is for the library’s NaNoWriMo programming, so I’m starting with the easy stuff for newbie writers, though I will tell them they can ask me anything…

  1. I was interested in your presentation too.

    Mark Edwards an author says that’s what he does, he starts off by putting his character’s into a situation and then throws things at them as they try and get out of it.

    1. Yes, I’m definitely a character writer. I always start with characters, probably because those are the books I prefer to read—the ones that stay with me. Plot-driven books are great, too, in their own way, but for me those are the kinds of things I read on a plane and ultimately forget because the characters just don’t live in my memory.

  2. Good luck at the library! Oh, I love it when all that you’ve been writing falls into place like that. My muse does it a lot and stresses me out that I don’t know what’s going on!

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