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Pre-Order the Faebourne Paperback!

You can now pre-order the paperback version of Faebourne! Release date is November 12. I’ve yet to receive my proof copy, so I can’t vouch for quality at the moment, but as soon as my copy arrives, I will post pictures.

Oh, here is the B&N link if you’re not into Amazon. In fact, you should be able to request it from any store, so long as you have the title and author name. So head over to your local indie store and ask them to pre-order it for you! I soooo love little bookshops! 😍



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    • A lot of it is the snowball effect—those who have been waiting for it will buy or pre-order, and I’ve set up Amazon ads, etc. I’m also sending copies to various review sites that I’ve used before. Ideally word of mouth will spread, too. Then it’s a lot of sit back and wait and work on the next thing. It’s a bit like tending a garden, really—I plant the seed well before the book is ready, keep letting people know about the progress, and then let them know when it’s done and available. Eventually, if all goes well, this bears fruit, but it takes time for that fruit to ripen, too. And while I wait for that to happen, I tend other crops (older titles, my new WIP), and keep checking on this one periodically as well.

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Comments (2)