IWSG: October 2018

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I’m a mess these days when it comes to writing. I go from being hopeful and optimistic to plunging into the depths of despair and being sure no one will ever want to read my work.

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Question of the Month: How do major life events affect your writing? Has writing ever helped you through something?

Major life events usually disrupt my writing. Even minor life events can do that. This past summer, not only were the kids home but my husband was on sabbatical. We did some traveling and a lot of outings, which was a lot of fun. We made wonderful memories. But I got almost no writing done for three months.

As for writing helping me through things, sure. I sometimes write in a stream-of-consciousness way in order to figure out how I feel or what I think about something. It’s a good way to drill down and get to the roots of problems or ideas.

6 thoughts on “IWSG: October 2018”

  1. We had so many things on our plate this summer that my writing ground to a halt. I had to resort to handing my critique group old chapters just to have something to submit. Hopefully the fall will have you writing again.

  2. Yeah, summer visits with family and friends took a big bite out of my writing time as well. I try to remind myself of the importance of social connections and work-life balance, but my inner curmudgeon doesn’t always agree. Happy writing in October!

  3. I have to tell myself sometimes that memories are more important than things or “to do” lists. It’s why my house is more often cluttered or the plants are a bit overgrown. I’m investing in my kids now. Perhaps in later years, I’ll have more time for myself to write and the memories to use in order to inspire that writing? Hopefully??

  4. The summer was crazy this year and now it’s October already. Yikes! Writing definitely helps me sort through things. And those ups and downs have been hitting me too this year.

  5. Summer slowed me down, but I tried to get a few hundred words down each day. Didn’t always succeed, but at least I was making slow progress on my WIP.

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