IWSG: Spring Fever

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Still hammering away at Faebourne! Looking down the barrel at that August 7th pub date . . . Also nervous but excited to have started doing Facebook videos. So if you have any questions you’d like answered, ask away and I’ll answer in my next video!

Question of the Month: It’s spring! Does this season inspire you to write more than others, or not?

Spring lights a fire under me in terms of writing because I realize that the kids will be out of school soon and my chances to write will become smaller. At the same time, I find myself wanting to be out in the warm weather (when we have it). Why not write outside? For whatever reason I find that nearly impossible. The glare on my screen or off the paper in particular makes it difficult for me. And I have to sit in the sun; for me, that’s the point of being outside to begin with. So writing in spring usually ends up being a kind of internal tug-of-war. A real need to sit down and get some work done versus a restlessness and desire to be out and about.

5 thoughts on “IWSG: Spring Fever”

  1. I’m so focused on writing/planning my current book, the only way I’m aware it’s spring comes from the beautiful cherry blossoms on the tree outside our apartment. Thanks for mentioning the FaceBook videos. This is a new feature? If you are willing, I’d be interested in how you prepared for your FB video, how you chose your topic, AND about how long the video wound up being. Persevere!

    1. Hi, Beth!

      I asked for questions people wanted answered and prepared by going through that list and thinking about the questions ahead of time. I didn’t script anything. The video was approximately 20 minutes long. Not a ton of views so far, but I plan to keep doing them. The more that are out there, the more likely people will watch, I guess? I was trying to decide whether to do YouTube or FB, but everything I’ve heard is that FB is better for starters (if you already have an author page). It’s much harder to compete in the YT market and find followers there. If people have already Liked your FB page, at least they’re already there.

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