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Right now I’m caught between the desire to land an agent or [reputable] publisher and the option to self-publish. This is mostly due to my own impatience, but it also comes in part from feedback I received from an agent at the San Francisco Writers Conference. My current manuscript is a YA contemporary update of Hamlet, and the agent said that’s already overdone. That I should go choose a lesser known Shakespeare play to rework instead. She said I could then sit on my current manuscript so I’d have it if whatever fresher thing I wrote took off, or that I could self-publish it. The gist was: it’s good to have another manuscript banked. At the same time, there are no guarantees. And it wouldn’t necessarily work against me to publish it myself since they wouldn’t technically be a series.

Well. I’ve got a couple agencies still reading the manuscript, so maybe not all hope is lost. But if everyone passes . . . I don’t know what I’ll do. At least I’ve outlined a couple more Shakespeare books to write as well.

Question of the Month: How do you celebrate when you achieve a writing goal/finish a story?

Depends on the achievement. If I land a contract (or agent, or option, though those things have then fallen through), we usually go out to eat. If I just finish a draft or something, I don’t do much of anything special. Maybe eat a cookie or something.

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  1. Agents do have their fingers on the pulse of the publishing world, but they aren’t infallible. One agent’s opinion is just that. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with self-publishing as it can be quite lucrative. But really, how can Shakespeare be overdone? Your spin isn’t someone else’s take. Good luck!

  2. There are lots of stories that are supposedly “overdone,” but that doesn’t stop the public from buying them in droves. Just put your own unique spin on it and see what happens. Like you said, you can always self-publish it.

  3. 1st:) you should eat a cookie everyday (or some yummy treat. It’s good for the soul)
    2nd:) I get being at the place where you’re not sure what to do. Wait for an agent or publisher or go ahead and self publish… I’m *extremely* impatient and I just want to get my work out there, so I self publish.

    Whatever you choose, good luck!!!

  4. That’s a hard choice. I’m just shopping a novel now, and I haven’t decided if I’ll set it aside if no one bites, or if I’ll pursue self-publishing. I’m looking at my current experience putting out a short story collection as a learning opportunity for self-publishing. I hope you find the right agent!

    1. Yes, and my beta readers have had a very positive response to the manuscript overall. Which is why I’m not sure why agents don’t think it’s salable.

  5. True, it’s discouraging to hear something won’t fly when according to your readers it soars. Hang on to those wings! The time – and right agent or source – will come.

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