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IWSG: Genre Love

It’s time again for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group! Posts go up the first Wednesday of each month. Read more posts and/or join in here.

I’m insecure about no one wanting my words. I’m tired of being invisible. People keep telling me to “take a break,” but I haven’t written in over a month. Never mind a break, I think I’m flat-out broken.

Question of the Month: What do you love about the genre you write most often?

I’m not sure I have a genre I write most often. I write a lot of different things, and none of them any more than the rest. Well, let’s say it’s an even split between mystery and fantasy (but there’s more historical romance coming!). But really, no matter what I’m writing, I love two things: (a) the characters, and (b) the world building.

I’m a character writer, no question. I really do fall a little bit in love with each of mine. As for world building, I just love the craft. There’s something so satisfying about creating a whole world—even if it’s not a fantasy world. Even if it’s just another time period or a made-up town, I enjoy the work immensely.



Comments (5) for post “IWSG: Genre Love”

  • I agree with you about character building and world-building. When I finish a story, I miss the characters as if they were friends who’ve moved away. I wonder how many series writers are motivated by the desire to keep their imaginary friends close. And I love spending time in my imaginary world, even though it’s a contemporary one blending some favorite places into one imaginary town.

  • World building is fun, but I’m not into character building as much. I just give my characters whatever traits they need to accentuate the plot. I spend so much time writing my stories that I’m kind of sick of my characters by the time I’m finished, so I won’t really miss them.

  • Those are my two favorite things as well. Sometimes I fear I spend so much time with just the characters, the rest of the elements in the story are overshadowed by them. Then I wonder if that’s even possible!

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Comments (5)