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CDs Save the Day

My car is seven years old, but because I don’t drive very much, it has only 58k miles on it. It’s a great car and will probably last forever at this rate, the one drawback being that, due to OS updates, it can no longer pair with my phone and I can’t use my iPod in it any more.

Satellite radio has its limitations, namely in that it doesn’t play only songs I like and want to hear. It also plays the same handful of songs repeatedly. So while I appreciate the lack of radio advertisements, I still can’t enjoy my satellite radio for any length of time.

BUT. My car is also just old enough to still have a CD player. And I am just old enough to have an album full of CDs that I couldn’t bring myself to part with. Good thing, too! Because I am now enjoying these CDs again and remembering what it was like to listen to a complete album in its intended order.

We have no other CD player, not in another car, not in the house. There’s this idea that everything can exist “in the cloud” or digitally or whatever, but sometimes you actually need physical media. Technology moves so fast that the physical world can’t always keep up. And it doesn’t always need to, either. For me, right now, CDs are fine. In fact, they currently work better for me than the latest, newfangled thing.

Sometimes we race ahead just to see how far we can go. And that’s fair. It’s natural to test our limits. But just because we can go farther doesn’t mean all the stuff we’ve passed by on the way is worthless.

New isn’t always best, or even better. Sometimes new is just new and nothing more.



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