WIPjoy #22

22. Antagonist – Favorite snack food?

Ophelia: Oh! Are we being interviewed? Well, I don’t really snack, you know. My figure and all.
Eoin: I like pickled onion crisps. While watching a match on the telly.
Ophelia: And Welsh red ale. He loves that, too.
Eoin: You don’t approve?
Ophelia: I never said I didn’t.
Eoin: It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.
Ophelia: Let’s not do this in front of the interviewer.

Ophelia Dey gives a strained smile. Eoin—once her brother-in-law, now her husband—looks away, clearly wishing to be elsewhere. Ophelia is used to this scrutiny, but Eoin clearly is not. He lived in his brother’s shadow for so long that the spotlight blinds him. You could almost feel sorry for him. But not quite. There’s something about him—about them both—that feels skew-whiff, and it’s more than grief or a sudden change in circumstances. There is something wrong with these two people, but as an interviewer, I can’t find the right question to draw out the poison.

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