WIPjoy – October 2017

(I never finished the last one, but this one I’m determined to get all the way through!)

1. Introduce your WIP!

Well! I actually just finished the first draft of it. It’s a YA contemporary take on Shakespeare’s Hamlet titled . . . wait for it . . . Hamlette! I had a lot of fun writing it and it’s now in the hands of some beta readers. If you’re interested in beta reading it, you can apply to do so here. (Note that I’m on a tight deadline and also ask that my betas don’t discuss the manuscript on any social media until the book is published.)

Hamlette is about 16-year-old Hamlette Nerissa Dey (she goes by her middle name), whose father Bryce is was an A-list actor. After his abrupt death, Nerissa is visited by her dad’s ghost, and she and her best friend Bea hatch a questionable plan for confronting the murderers.

The novel resides somewhere at the nexus of funny, absurd, and sweet. Nerissa discovers a lot about herself and her world as she muddles through what seems to be an untenable situation.

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