I Did Another One of Those Internet Personality Quizzes

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Apparently I’m not at all gregarious. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Smart, but only lukewarm. Yup.

I fake the emotional stability thing. I come across as stronger than I really am. But I’m surprised by the assertiveness score. I don’t think I’m very assertive at all.

Now I see where Peter Stoller gets it. He’s me.

I’m not so much shy as avoidant of spontaneous interactions. This is because I’m very sensitive. But I’m friendly once you get to know me! It’s just . . . I make it difficult for people to get to know me. Hmm.

I take umbrage with that imagination score. I’m *highly* imaginative, thankyouverymuch. Then again, I’m also pretty practical.

I am sometimes a little too forthright. But I also know when to keep my mouth shut. Usually.

Complex! Hooray! I adapt quickly and get bored easily, too. And I’m pretty independent. It’s difficult for me to ask others for help.

Yeah, I’m not orderly. But I do observe social rules and am fairly controlled (in public).

As for emotion, right on the line, baby. 2 of Swords. Depends on the day.

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