To Do

The remainder of my year promises to be very busy. Here is my working to-do list:

  1. Write a guest blog post. (Deadline: 29 Sept)
  2. Finish Hamlette. (Deadline: 30 Sept)
  3. Edit this one project for a client.
  4. Edit this other thing for a friend.
  5. Edit this thing for my mom.
  6. Finish Faebourne.
  7. Finish Changers: The Great Divide.
  8. Keep working on Sel & Am.

The client’s project is open ended at the moment but naturally takes precedence over work I’m doing for friends and family.

Then, of course, there is all the non-work stuff: kids’ school events, doing things like laundry and dishes and grocery shopping. There is my physical therapy (I’ve injured my right shoulder), which eats into my time. I’m trying not to resent it. After all, I want to be healthy and well! I just also want to be productive and write.

So, again, apologies if I’m spotty with my blog posts. But I’ve got a lot going on and I hope you’ll find it was all worth it when my next project(s) are released!

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