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Bea and Gwendolyn found us then, and Liam used the distraction to slip his arm out of Rosalind’s hold. “Hey, ladies,” he said, and my heart wilted a little as his eyes lingered on Gwendolyn. She wilted, too, as though trying to make herself smaller under his gaze.

Why do cute boys have to be so dumb? Can’t they see who wants their attention and who doesn’t? Then again, maybe it’s a matter of who deserves the attention. Rosalind certainly didn’t. But while Gwendolyn may be the most kind-hearted person in the world, she surely didn’t warrant Liam’s unwanted interest. For someone who’d been so sensitive to my needs minutes before, Liam sure was being stupid about Gwendolyn’s. I’d like to believe it’s because he and I had some special bond, but I think attraction makes guys’ antennae malfunction. They see something they want and can no longer discern what the girl wants. It’s no excuse for bad behavior, of course. Men shouldn’t be catcalling or cornering women who don’t want their advances. Just something I’ve noticed, how even normally good guys can make really stupid choices if a cute girl is involved. I wished Gwendolyn would say or do something to put Liam in his place, though. Knowing Liam, he didn’t want her to be uncomfortable. If anything, he was bending over backward to make her feel special. Which made her uncomfortable.

What a mess.

Fine, I’d do it. “Liam,” I said. “Don’t stare. You’re freaking Gwen out.”

His mouth dropped open. He looked at me, then at Gwendolyn. “Am I? I certainly don’t mean to.”

Gwendolyn looked up, her eyes full of hope that her ordeal of tolerating a gorgeous university student might be nearing an end.

Why did we always want what—and who—we couldn’t have?



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