The Adventures of Sel & Am

So I’m putting up this little serial story one piece at a time. You can find it here. I’ve always really envisioned it as a manga, but I can’t draw.

Seladion and Amaurodios, if you’re somewhat new to my blog, are Ninatat, which are akin to angels. They exist as part of my parageographic project AElit. You can read more about that in this old post. AElit is something I’ve developed over time and keep meaning to organize into . . . I don’t know, but something. My graduate thesis danced along the margins of it, and I may yet rewrite that and publish it.

Sel & Am, though, are two characters close to my heart, and while their stories are something of a side project at the moment, I hope in time others will come to love them as much as I do.

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