London Bridge Is… (or, Minding the Gap)

This isn’t London Bridge, btw. It’s Tower Bridge. But I think it’s the bridge most people think of when they hear “London Bridge” or even just think of London and its many bridges.

You’ll see I have Kylo Ren and Jim Moriarty there. I’ve often thought I should start a little blog or Tumblr or vlog of their adventures: “Kylo & Jim.” It may yet happen.

I also have Bast on the left and Nike on the right. And a model of Stonehenge my oldest son made when he was five or six years old. (He’s 11 now.)

There’s a card from the artist who did the cover to Manifesting Destiny, and tiny model of Venice’s Piazza San Marco, too.

I do big LEGO projects when I’m stuck in my writing. Or sometimes I do puzzles. Anything, really, to change my focus so my writing brain can just run in the background and sort things out. If I try to do it consciously, it never works. I just overheat and feel more stuck and more frustrated. But if I go do something else that uses a different part of my brain, in a few days I’ll be writing again.

Tower Bridge saw me through tough parts of Manifesting Destiny. Now that I’m working on the sequel, I have another project queued up:

You’ll notice the box isn’t open yet. I’ve been tempted, I’ve been close, and I expect I’ll be building Westminster soon as The Great Divide has me entrenched in a slog at the moment.

These projects are my bridges when I’m stuck, blocked. Isn’t that what bridges are for, after all? To cross places we otherwise could not?


Posted as part of the WEP challenge for June.

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10 thoughts on “London Bridge Is… (or, Minding the Gap)”

  1. Yes. bridges are there to connect us to places that we’ve never been or things we’ve never done. The challenge lies in crossing it. Very well said.
    Shalom aleichem,

  2. I do my best problem solving while working on something totally unrelated. Puzzles are great for just turning off the brain. I use them myself. Awesome entry for the Bridges prompt.

  3. It’s a great idea to distract the mind so it can get on with the creative process. Building LEGO is a great choice! Glad it works for you. Projects as bridges is a great use of the prompt. And thanks for sharing your books too.

    Denise 🙂

  4. Good suggestion to get busy with something else when you get stuck in your writing. Those Lego sets can be very complex nowadays.

  5. Hi M – did you see that the Institute of Civil Engineers recently built the longest lego bridge … getting into the Guinness Book of Records … here’s the link … and there’s Youtubeclips of it …

    I managed to get to their tunnel exhibition, but frustratingly missed the bridge exhibition.

    Lego has really reinvented itself … everywhere one sees creations out of lego …

    Brilliant you use yours for inspiration … cheers Hilary

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