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WIPjoy #12

Yes, yes, I’m still slowly making my way through this list.

Share a line from the MC about food.

Duncan doesn’t talk about food (at least not so far), but he does think about it.

And then as though from thin air a footman appeared at Duncan’s elbow to set a heaping plate before him. Toast with jam, eggs and ham crowded the china.

“I hope it is to your liking,” Adelia said.

“It looks and smells delicious,” Duncan told her as he waited for the others to be served. A second footman came around with tea for the gentlemen, though he brought hot chocolate for Adelia.

Well, I guess he says something.

Years ago, when I was in high school, I used to write a kind of ongoing soap opera that got passed around before the notebook would be returned to me so I could write the next chapter. And I’ll always remember that one of my classmates said, “You never write about what they eat.” Now I worry I’ve since overcompensated by writing too much about food! I know in Manifesting Destiny I write about it a lot. But I’ve yet to hear anyone complain. (Please don’t start now!)



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