Lessons by the Foot

Someone mentioned the other day that I was taking the whole broken foot thing rather well. I had to stop and think that over. And I guess I feel very fortunate, really. I’m lucky in that I have good health care, for example. I’ve been through times when I didn’t, so I can certainly appreciate it now.

In fact, I appreciate everything in life, or try to. I’ve come a long way, and as a child I don’t think I could have imagined living the way I do now. Oh, sure, I imagined things like being a famous magazine editor in NYC, but let’s be real. A lot of people don’t move very far from where they start in life. I mean that in distance but also economy, experience. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have opportunities to extend myself. I’ve traveled, I’ve lived a lot of different places.

And this isn’t to say I was raised in a ghetto and had a tough childhood and somehow clawed my way out. I had an amazing childhood, filled with love and friendship and steady upward mobility. Which is exactly why I can appreciate what I have now. Because I’ve been through this sort of spectrum of life. I try not to take any of what I have for granted because I know what it’s like not to have as much.

To be clear: I always had enough. I always had the important things. Well, except maybe that health insurance…

So what’s a broken foot in the big scheme of things? An inconvenience? A funny story, which for a writer is always valuable. And a reminder of all I have to be thankful for.

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