Foot Saga

So last December, I injured my right foot. It’s a stupid story; basically, I was coming in from taking out the trash, and I moved to block the cat from trying to get out the door, slipped on the threshold, and hurt my foot. It was evening, we propped my leg up and iced my foot, but in the morning it hurt and was swollen, so (it being a Sunday) we went to Urgent Care. They x-rayed me, said it wasn’t broken or anything, and sent me home with crutches and an ACE bandage.

That week, I went to my doctor and she said to stay off it for a couple weeks and see her again if pain persisted. Well, my foot got better. Or so I thought. But every now and then I’d get a twinge, or I’d have a bad day and find myself limping again. So when I went for my annual physical a couple weeks ago, I mentioned it to her. She referred me to a podiatrist, and today I had that appointment.

Turns out my foot is broken.

And probably has been since December. Or at the very least it was fractured then and has since broken completely due to me, you know, using my foot for stuff like walking.

Urgent Care apparently did not see this fracture or break in the x-rays. Maybe because of swelling, or just the way they took the x-rays (with my lying down rather than having me stand). But boy howdy, when I looked at the x-rays they took today, even my untrained eye was like, “That’s not right.”

The podiatrist wasn’t sure how I’ve been walking all this time. But now I’m in a boot that goes almost to my knee because we not only need to hold the foot immobile but the tendon that runs down the inside. They’re setting up things like MRIs and bone stems. I’ve had plenty of MRIs in my day, but I have no idea what a bone stem is, and I’m kinda scared to look it up. It sounds like it hurts.

In the meantime, I’m not supposed to drive (har) and minimal walking (double har).

“You must really push through the pain,” the doctor said.

“Well,” I said, “I do come from a military family.”

No cute sandals for me this summer. *sob*

ETA: I’ve just learned it’s bone “stim” as in “stimulation.” It’s designed to increase blood flow to my foot in order to help it heal more quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Foot Saga”

  1. OMG! My wive tore the medial meniscus in her left knee about a month ago when the dog she was walking pulled her down. And about ten minutes ago, she just got out of surgery to repair a slight fracture in her hand from an accident that occurred over Mother’s day. I think she could definitely relate to your situation. good luck with the recovery.

    1. Thanks, Ken! We’re hoping to avoid surgery. Will know more once they do the MRI next week.

      Sorry to hear your wife had to go through so much, too.

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