WIPjoy #2

Describe your main character for us.

Duncan Oliver is not the hero you picture on most romance covers. In fact, the first paragraph of Faebourne says it all:

Duncan Oliver was in every respect an unremarkable gentleman. He was not tall, though also not any shorter than would be deemed respectable. He was not rich, though again not particularly in want. And though he rode well, he was not especially keen on sports or gaming. To summarize, Duncan Oliver was the kind of man easily overlooked by the world. To this he had become accustomed and resigned.

Duncan has dark hair and eyes. He is handsome, but not in a chiseled way. I picture him with a somewhat pointed chin and delicate features. He’s expressive and has a dry wit, even as he tries to figure out a way to escape . . . Or not. His very uninteresting life has taken a decidedly interesting turn, and he’s not quite ready to go back to his tepid existence. But the thing about Faebourne is: once it takes hold of you, you might never leave.

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