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Sneak Peek of Sherlock, Series 3: “The Empty Flat”

***If you have not yet seen Series 2, you probably don’t want to read this!***

Read a cold open for the first episode of Series 3 of Sherlock here. Extra credit to those who spot the Shakespeare.

Now for the disclaimer: NO. This is NOT part of an actual Sherlock script. This is me fooling around when I have about a dozen other, legitimate projects I should be working on instead.

Traditionally, Sherlock is gone for three years from the time he falls from Reichenbach to the time he returns in “The Empty House.” (In the spirit of the show, I’ve played with the name in my faux script title.) I shortened it to six months here, if only for expediency’s sake, and because working with a grieving John is more interesting in terms of character development. The stages of grief take, on average, two full years to pass through.

To be honest, I’d be surprised if in the actual series John stayed at Baker Street (in the original stories he has already left 221B when “The Final Problem” occurs). Here I use the excuse of his wanting to write a book, thus wanting to be close to the source material. Mrs. Hudson isn’t likely to throw him out, after all. And . . . From a production standpoint, it’s good to use the available, standing sets. Costs are less.

Anyway, enjoy. ETA: I’ve had some e-mails asking for more, but I’m a bit busy with other stuff, so . . . Maybe later?



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