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I read an article yesterday about how authors who publish 4+ books in a year may be rushing things a bit. There’s a link to the article on my Facebook page, along with my remarks on the subject; I’m not going to re-discuss it here. Instead, the article made me wonder: What was the most I’d published in any given year?

Now, I recently wrote about how 2012 is the year I consider my first “real” year as a writer. But it actually wasn’t the first year I published anything. Here, then, is a chronological list of my publications:


  • “A Day in the Life of a Moderately Successful Writer” and “The Snake”—each short pieces—appeared in Dingbat #4.

I wouldn’t publish anything again until


  • “Haiku 101” appeared in The Aurorean
  • “There Was an Old Woman…” appeared in Rosebud

Both of the above are poems. But also

  • “A.B.C.” (short story) appeared in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine

Then I had another break before


  • I put the first edition of The World Ends at Five and Other Stories on Lulu.

And since I apparently take four-year breaks


  • “Warm Bodies” is produced—twice—which isn’t quite the same thing as a publication, but kind of?
  • I publish “St. Peter in Chains”
  • I publish “Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Last Line”
  • I publish “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of Ichabod Reed”
  • I re-release The World Ends at Five and Other Stories on Amazon with a new flash fiction piece

Okay, so 2012 wins hands down as the year I put out the most stuff. But three of those pieces are short pieces and one is a re-release. And does the play count? I’d actually written it the year before.

But here is where I also begin to put out work more regularly rather than having the big hiatuses.


  • I publish The K-Pro


  • “Warm Bodies” is adapted into the short film Adverse Possession. Yeah, not a publication, but… still a thing. That happened. That year.


  • I publish “Sherlock Holmes and the Monumental Horror”


  • Tirgearr publishes The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller
  • Evernight Teen publishes Manifesting Destiny
  • Aurora Wolf publishes my short story “Aptera”


  • I publish Brynnde

So there it is, at least so far. I’m a pretty slow writer. I can put out a few stories a year or one to two books, I guess. I do still hope to have one more out later this year, but it depends on how long it takes me to, well, write it.

What do you think? Do you have any feelings about writers who publish a lot in any given year? Too much to keep up with or is it worse if the author is slow? (If so, sorry. I promise we writers can’t always control how quickly we produce work.) Let me know your thoughts in the comments!



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