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Writer’s block is what has me insecure this month. I simply can’t seem to make headway with the Changers sequel, and that’s causing a certain amount of anxiety in me. I’ve got a little over 20k words written, and now I’m well and truly stuck. I’ve tried just writing through it, but no. I’ve outlined, so I know where I need to go, I just feel like a wagon with its wheels in the mud. I’ve considered skipping the chapter I’m on and writing the rest, but I can’t work that way—I’m a linear writer. I’ve dabbled with other projects on the side, but I know this book needs to get finished, and that’s probably making things that much worse. *headdesk* Anyone else want to write this book for me?

Question of the Month: Have you ever pulled out a really old story and reworked it? Did it work out?

Uh, I’ve pulled out some old stuff now and then and looked at it. I’ve even thought, I should do something with this. And then I never do. I don’t know why. In particular, I would like to rework my Master’s thesis, which was a middle grade historical fantasy. It’s on my list of project, but I don’t know if or when I’ll ever actually be ready to tackle it.

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5 thoughts on “IWSG: Blocked!”

  1. I know what you feel. I just finished a manuscript for 20 000 words. Now I am sitting on it. Stuck too. I got several structures and systems which I am going to follow now. One of them is how to write a book in 90 days. I also love that the business of writing books is changing from the old concepts into the new. Books are often times used as business cards these days.
    I myself just did a little research about our brains and how our insecurity is living there and where. I think I am onto something and have a target to really move forward with the new tools I have. I am doing a brain training right now;)

    Anyways. I wish you good luck to find the right tools so you can create your new book as you wish.

    Alohas from Mexico:)

  2. When I was working on my fan fiction at the beginning of my writing career, I was a very nonlinear writer. I jumped around and worked on whichever scene or chapter called to me on that particular day. Now that I’m working on my own story and have a crit group that is expecting monthly updates, I have no choice other than to write a linear order.

    Yes, getting stuck on a chapter and not being able to figure out how to move on can be infuriating. All I can suggest is to keep hammering away at it until you get through. It’s not profound advice, but it’s what I always resort to.

  3. You know, when I get stuck, it’s usually because something at the beginning isn’t working and the characters refuse to move forward until I get it right. Unlike many authors who say to just push through it, I always go back and find what’s holding me up before pressing forward. I see it like a plane flight. If the path is off by just one degree, the end destination is NOWHERE near where the passengers need to land. There’s less work in edits later if I correct along the way.

    1. True. I’ve often also found that, once I’m stuck in the mud, it’s because I turned off the main road some ways back. Backtracking to find the right path can help. Attempting to push forward only gets me in deeper.

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