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It probably doesn’t matter, but I get questions about this sometimes, so I’ll post an answer here. I’ve written three Sherlock Holmes stories, all available on Amazon Kindle. This is the order they were written/released in:

  1. “The Mystery of the Last Line”
  2. “The Adventure of Ichabod Reed”
  3. “The Monumental Horror”

But if you wanted to read them in the order the events take place, you’d go the other way:

  1. “The Monumental Horror”
  2. “The Adventure of Ichabod Reed”
  3. “The Mystery of the Last Line”

Not that it makes a difference. Each story stands on its own, though I have begun writing a direct sequel to “Last Line.” It seems many people feel they didn’t get closure with that one, so I’m working to fix that. I did once write a small epilogue of sorts to “Last Line,” which you can find here. It does not, however, give answers to the lingering questions, hence my plans to write something more explicit.



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