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#TBT: Treasure

I was digging around for something yesterday (didn’t find it, but there are more places yet to look) and unearthed some things I forgot even existed. Is it unusual for an author to forget having written something? These had completely slipped my mind:

Of course, they’re from when I was a teenager, and looking back I found them terribly overwritten. I hope I’ve gotten better since then.

I also came across this magazine from 2004, the first original short story I ever had published:

You can actually hear an audio version of this story here.

And then I discovered these from my manga and anime days:

This is only a sampling, not nearly all of what I had or still have . . . somewhere . . . My walls were plastered with these things. It’s probably why I could never get a date. But finding them reminded me of how much I love the story of Subaru and Seishirou—a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. I went back and re-read Tokyo Babylon and the pertinent parts of X and swooned a little once again.

All the excavating, however, means I’ve been lax in my actual writing work. Still, it was a bit inspiring to go back and re-read some of this stuff. As far as my old writing in concerned, it’s nice to see how far I’ve come. And reliving Subaru’s arc reminds me of what good writing and character development can be. It makes me want to do something just as amazing. Here’s hoping.



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