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WIP Wednesday

Here’s just a little fun I was having with Simeon, Peter and Jules:

“Peter, Peter, wherefore art thou?”

The calling startled Simeon from the paperwork he’d been trying to decipher. He looked up just in time to see a man he did not recognize come dashing around the corner from the elevators. Average height, dark and springy hair, swarthy skin… Greek, maybe? Turkish? Italian? He had no accent, and God knew he was loud enough that Simeon would have heard if he did; if not for the fact they were the only ones on the floor, Simeon would have worried about the man drawing unwanted attention. As it stood, he wondered how the man had got into the building.

“Is he in there?” the man asked, pointing at the door behind Simeon, and without waiting for an answer, the man went for the door and tried the knob.

“It’s locked,” said the man. He looked over his shoulder at Simeon. “He’s in there, I know it. You have a key?”

Simeon reached for the phone instead. “If I can just tell him who—”

“He doesn’t have someone in with him, does he?” the man went on. He slammed a fist against the heavy wood of the door. “Peter! It’s Jules!”

With a sigh, Simeon dropped the phone. No point in it now.

Peter’s door flew open. “What in God’s name, Maier?” Peter snapped. “You’re not meant to be in the country at the moment, much less here.”

Jules Maier. The name rang a bell. Simeon was sure he’d heard of him, just couldn’t remember in what context.

“Trade the old one in for a new model?” Jules asked.

“Mr. Martin is only my assistant,” Peter said matter-of-factly and, feeling their appraisal, Simeon turned in his chair for a look at the two men. Peter was taller—but then, he was taller than just about anyone—and fairer, positively angelic next to all the dark elements that comprised Jules.

Nothing good, Simeon decided. He’d heard nothing good about Jules Maier.

I was considering writing something a little steamier than my usual, maybe as a short story companion to The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller? It remains to be seen if I’m even capable of that. Could be a fun exercise, though.

And if you haven’t read Peter yet, you should! Check my Books page or find various ebook retailers linked here.



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