The PR Conundrum

So at recent writing conferences this year, I heard this a lot: “You need a publicist!”

Basically, with all the books being published and self-published, it’s becoming almost impossible to rise above the noise. So you hire a publicist to help you get noticed.

Makes sense. The only problem (for me, at least) is… It’s really expensive. And while I believe in investing in my career, and that you have to sometimes put money in to get more out, a [good] publicist is something I can’t afford. (I can’t afford a bad one, either, but for different reasons.)

So here is my chief issue with publicists: if you can afford one, you probably don’t need one, and if you can’t afford one, you probably do need one.


Any of my fellow authors use a publicist? If so, were you satisfied with the experience?

2 thoughts on “The PR Conundrum”

  1. I’m curious to hear if anyone has experience with a publicist too. Like you, I’d love to have one, but there’s no way I could afford one. Marketing takes away so much time from my writing, and it also dulls my motivation. Writing invigorates me while marketing smothers me.

    1. I sometimes consider just writing and throwing my books out into the wild and giving up on marketing entirely. It often feels like such a waste of time and energy considering the ROI. Which is why I’d love a publicist who can maybe better target those efforts, but… Not until I make quite a bit more!

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