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2016 Review

Yes, I know the year is not over, but it’s close, right? Anyway, this post is about one particular aspect of 2016 that I only just noticed thanks to Angelorum’s review prompts. Namely that in 2016, I swapped a lot of old groups of people for new ones.

For example, we left our old place of worship after four years because we didn’t really feel very connected to the group of people there. No one was mean or anything, it just wasn’t the right fit. And then we found a great new group that we actually really like.

A similar experience happened with my writing group. It sort of imploded a bit, and I wasn’t feeling as though I was getting the support I needed. It got messy. But after taking a break, I ventured out and found a new writing group I really enjoy.

The lesson here, I think, is that sometimes you have to let go of what you have in order to find something better. That can be hard because we tend to want to stay with who and what we know, even when sometimes those aren’t the best things for us. We’ll stick with where we’re not getting what we want or need simply because it’s familiar and that makes us comfortable. Except we’re not really comfortable or even happy. We’re just too scared to let go and start over.

I’ve written in the past about personal Tarot years, and how for me this was a Justice/Libra year. Things balanced out in the end. For everything I lost, I also gained. Some of the losses still hurt, but that’s life. As I move into a Hanged Man year, I’ll work to gain new perspectives. There will be more letting go, I’m sure. Sacrifice. But, like Odin hanging from the World Tree, one hopes the enlightenment will be worth any pain.



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    • Yeah, I don’t know about 2017. I’m keeping my expectations low, and maybe then it will pleasantly surprise me. I’m sorry my old writing group imploded, but I’m enjoying the drama-free feel of my new one.

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Comments (2)