Character Interview: Peter Stoller

In advance of the Virtual Book Fair this weekend, I thought I’d post this interview with Peter Stoller. And hey! You can grab his novel for just 99 cents on Amazon!

1. Name: Peter Stoller
2. Role: Protagonist
3. Age: 36
4. Description: Tall, thin, ash blond hair, grey eyes, sharp features
5. Nickname: n/a
6. Occupation: Intelligence Agent
7. Location: London
8. Goal in life: to take over the Agency when my boss retires
9. Motto: Quod me nutrit me destruit (that which nourishes me destroys [me])
10. Family: Estranged mother, deceased father, deceased older brother
11. Best friend: Charles
12. Current conflict: Charles is accused of counterespionage, and Peter must find out the truth
13. Favorite Food: Ice cream
14. Addictions: Work
15. Pet Peeve: Inefficiency
16. Favorite Hobby: I don’t think I have any.
17. What do you do for fun? . . . Work?
18. Favorite childhood memory: Time spent with my brother. He always let me tag along.
19. Dream job: Doing what I do.
20. Favorite part of your day: Getting into the office before everyone else and settling in.
21. Pessimist, Optimist, or Realist: Realist, I think.
22. Beverage of choice: Tea.
23. Most annoying person in your life: Depends on the day. There are a number of candidates. Miranda, Jules, Gamby… Trevor is always near the top of the list.
24. Taken or single? Any love interests? Taken, very taken.
25. Pets: None, unless Mr. Martin counts.
26. Biggest Fear: Failure. On any front.
27. Guilty Pleasure: A gentleman doesn’t discuss it.
28. Most embarrassing moment: My first kiss. Any and every first kiss, come to think of it. That’s always an awkward moment.
29. Greatest Strength: Loyalty.
30. Greatest Weakness: Loyalty.
31. Who do you most admire? Gordon Lessenby
32. Are you keeping any secrets? It’s my job to keep secrets.
33. Where do you see yourself in ten years? Still doing my job in whatever capacity I’m most needed.
34. Advice for the reader as they follow you through your journey? It’s in my nature to withhold information. Probably best to keep that in mind.

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