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Having a lovely time in Burbank at the InD’Scribe Author and Reader Conference! Of course, it’s mostly been authors, but we’re hoping now it’s the weekend we’ll see some more readers.

I arrived Thursday afternoon, knowing no one, but have found (like with so many other writers’ conferences) the people to be very friendly and welcoming. Still, there are a lot of us, and one sometimes feels lost in the shuffle. But the first night was the Enchanted Dreamweaver’s Ball, and it was like they’d brought Livian to life! He stood near the entrance, and yes, I tried to kiss him.


I was all dolled up thanks to Period Images who did my hair and makeup and from whom I rented my Regency gown.

They also had book cover models on hand so that we could take pictures with them. When he said, “Trust me on this one,” and dipped me, I think my swoon was a little too real:


He has a lot of practice, I guess.

Yesterday I set up my author table, but then they moved me, so I don’t have a picture yet of my “real” setup. Will post later! I also sat on a panel about villains:


From left: Andy Peloquin, Kathryn Le Veque, Beth Carter, Yours Truly, Arial Burnz

I’m on another panel today and then there’s more time in the author room where I’ve been making great friends. Check out Caroline Warfield, with whom I’ve had some great chats, and if you like Manifesting Destiny give D.B. Sieders a try with her mermaid books. (Though, to be clear, her books are not YA.)

And don’t forget! Two of my Sherlock Holmes stories are free this weekend, and The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller is only 99 cents on Amazon! Click here to go to my Amazon page and grab some goodies!

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One thought on “InD’Scribe So Far…”

  1. “You had me at ‘Parageography’ ”
    he said.

    My most emotionally and intellectually important class in memory; beats out Greek Mythology, Classical Greek Civ, Word Roots of English Language,. . .
    even classic Greek Philosophy,…( uhm, sept Plato ) .

    Hero’s Journey can do with a map, after all. SO do ALL good R.P.G.s, collective narrative universes in lit, and the actual gestalt of the psyche.

    Thank you Austin, ‘Austin Books and Graphics’, and that damn brilliant man,
    Douglass Parker.

    p.s. – took me a long time to break down all the word roots of the names of his ‘ high-faerie’,…’Highthefaerie’, …something like that,
    world/kingdom/campaign/parageorgraphicland . . .
    to write my final class essays, but I sure as hell did. Damn glad I stumbled on your lil bit o’ the internet


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