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IWSG: Ready or Not…

InsecureWritersSupportGroupTomorrow I fly off for my first ever conference as a guest author rather than a mere attendee. (Not to slam being an attendee. I’ve been one many times over and love that, too.) I’m excited and nervous and… Yeah, insecure. Not so much about the panels because I think those will be fun. But about being alone, hanging out. Sort of like the first day at a new school. What if everyone ignores me and I have no one to talk to? And then there’s anxiety about the author table. What if no one buys any of my books and I’m just sitting there with a rictus smile on my face the whole time? But ready or not, I’m going in. Sign up for my newsletter (on the sidebar) to find out how it goes!

IWSG Question of the Month: How do you know when your story is ready?

I just know.

Sure, first I get feedback and make revisions. Nothing springs forth perfectly formed. If you think your writing is perfect the moment you put it on the page, then I’m sorry, but you’re probably not a very good writer. In fact, I’d say nothing is perfect even once published. There’s always room for improvement. So you have to look at the returns and decide when the amount of effort in revising is no longer less than or equal to the gains to be made. That is to say, the gains should always be more than or equal to the effort.

But even with this equation in the back of my mind, the truth is, I just know when it’s done. Ready. Or, perhaps more accurately, I know when there’s still something not quite right. I may not know what the problem is, but I’ll set the piece aside and work on something else while my subconscious runs a subroutine to figure it out. Sometimes my critique and beta readers can help me zero in, sometimes not. I rely to an extent on my gut instinct here. That’s part of being a writer, too, I think. Instinct. Knowing when to take someone’s advice and when not to, knowing when keep tinkering and when not. Don’t strive for perfection. You’ll make yourself crazy if you do and may never finish anything. Only aim to tell the best story you can, the best you know how. And remember that the more you do it, the better you’ll know how for the next story.

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