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Dark Dawning by Christine Rains

I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this novella, first in a 9-part series. It will be available on Amazon starting October 17.

Ametta Dorn is the youngest of three shifter sisters. When she saves fellow shifter Lucky Osberg from hunters, she gets drawn out of her world of interior decorating and into a dark and dangerous mystery. Who is hunting and killing shifters? And more immediately: Can Ametta stay true to herself and her plans to leave her Alaskan home, or will growing feelings for Lucky anchor her there?

This first in the Totem series sets the stage for an interesting quest. The three Dorn sisters must work to reassemble an ancient totem pole. And of course, because it’s Christine Rains, there will be romance.

I enjoyed the setting and the novelty of having Inuit mythology in this story. It feels like a fresh twist on the shifter mythos. I’m sort of over vampires and werewolves, but this is new and intriguing. The only down side is that it’s a cliffhanger.

I can easily imagine readers trying to decide which Dorn sister they are: Ametta, Kinley, or Saskia. Maybe there should be an online quiz! I look forward to getting to know all of them better over the course of the series.



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  • Thanks so much! I’m happy you enjoyed it. There’s a lot more of the Inuit myths in the next books, especially with Saskia’s.

    P.S. It’s my turn to post a book review on the Untethered Realms blog this Friday, and I have mine for Manifesting Destiny ready to go! 🙂

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Comments (2)