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InsecureWritersSupportGroup If you want to know what I’m feeling insecure about, please take a look at my post on pre-conference jitters—and then share any advice you might have! In less than a month now I’ll be attending my first conference as a guest author. The panels don’t worry me; it’s handling my first signing table that’s giving me the shakes. Safety in numbers, though, or so I keep telling myself. (But what if I’m a bust and no one comes to my table? my inner voice keeps wailing.)

I’m also a little nervous about upcoming reviews of Manifesting Destiny which are due out tomorrow and on the 23rd. Hope the reviewers like the book. And if YOU happen to be a reviewer and interested in reading MD, please let me know and we’ll work out a way to get you a copy.

Okay, question of the month is: How do you find the time to write in your busy day?

Well, for one thing I’m very fortunate in that writing is my day job. I pack the kids off to school, take my morning walk, then come home and (ostensibly) write. That’s not to say I don’t have a dozen other things to distract me: laundry, dishes, trips to the store, other errands, appointments, etc. I try to keep all those to one or two days a week so that at least three days are clear for several hours of writing. Doesn’t always work that way, and laundry and dishes are a daily thing, but if I don’t schedule myself well, I feel like I’m wasting this wonderful opportunity of being home and “being a writer.” I want it to be a job, not a hobby. And I remind myself that if I ever want to see the results I crave, I have to take it seriously. Same as exercise. I don’t always love working out, and I don’t always love writing, but I dislike myself even more if I don’t do them.

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8 thoughts on “IWSG: Finding Time”

  1. There always seems something to do that’s away from the computer, but you’re right. We have to make the time to write. I treat it like a job too, but some days I have trouble prioritizing. Like today will be more online stuff since it’s IWSG day.

  2. The conference sounds exciting! I’ve never been on a panel. I think that would make me more nervous than the book signing. Too much attention by too many people at once. I was really nervous at my first book signing. I was afraid no one would show up. I’ve found, though, that people love to check out new books, so I’m sure you will have plenty of people at your table. The best advice I’ve heard is to just relax and enjoy the moment of being in a position to sign your own books. Publishing a book is a huge accomplishment! So many people never get to that level. Congratulations, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, and enjoy!
    IWSG Co-host at http://lorilmaclaughlin.com

    1. I’m less nervous about the panel because there will be other authors there with me! But there will be other authors in the signing room, too, so…

  3. I’ve never been to a writer’s conference, so I can’t offer any advice. But after all the books you’ve published, it seems you do quite well at finding the time to write. Good luck at the conference.

  4. Spot on.

    You’ve got to make yourself do it. Dishes. Errands. Writing. It’s all part of the daily routine. And no one can change that except for you.

    Good luck at the conference. Even when you’re crazy with jitters, remind yourself where you are and just how cool it is you’ve made it there. Then take a breath, and enjoy it.

  5. I admire anyone who takes on the role of writer full time. It would scare the crap out of me.
    At the conference, just keep in mind that those people getting autographs are excited to see you and your book!

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