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Pre-Conference Jitters

I’m now just over a month away from InD’Scribe. I’ve printed out a personal agenda for the conference, which runs Thursday through Sunday. I’ve rented my gown for the Enchanted Dreamweaver’s Ball:


And made my hair and make-up appointments for said ball as well. Yes, I do feel a bit like Cinderella! This is my first conference as a guest author. I’ll be on two panels and also have an author table in the signing room. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking and has been giving me stress dreams!

I’m learning a lot just from the pre-planning. I have one book in print to bring, and Evernight Teen has assured me I’ll have print copies of Manifesting Destiny in time too. Phew! I’m also very grateful that the conference organizers have found a bookseller to handle the sales end for the authors. This means I won’t need to bring a cash box and change, etc. It takes a load of work off.

But there’s still a lot to do! Besides being pretty for the ball (and the readers), I must be sure I have everything I need for my author table. So in addition to my agenda I’ve created a checklist. Some of it I can happily mark as done. Bookmarks and business cards? Check. Clipboard with sign-up sheet for my newsletter? Check. Still need to go pick up a table covering, and I need to create some tabletop signage. I’ve also been advised to have a water bottle handy. And I’m still trying to figure out what else, if anything, I might need. Don’t want the table to be too bare, right? A bowl of candy has been suggested. What else? Is there anything that would draw you to a particular table in a room full of authors?

Turns out attending a conference is expensive as either an attendee or a guest author. It’s just expensive in different ways. I promise to share everything I learn after the fact as well—what worked, what didn’t. Now if I can just get a better night’s sleep . . .



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  • It sounds like you’re pretty well prepared. The only other things I have at my table are pens with my name and the name of my book on them to give away, and necklaces I made with sword charms as a free gift with book purchase. I also have a 16 x 20 foam-backed poster of my book cover to set on an easel beside or behind me as an attention getter. Sometimes I just tape it to the wall behind me (with painter’s tape) if I can for better visibility.
    Congrats on being a guest author! The Enchanted Dreamweaver ball sounds lovely. I’m sure it will go fine.

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Comments (2)