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This is for a writing challenge, which you can find here. I’m only looking for general feedback on this nonfiction piece.

What interested me about this topic is that there is a Lenormand card called Garden or The Garden. It’s card number 20.

A little background: Lenormand is a set of 36 cards used for divination. I hesitate to say “similar to Tarot,” because it’s actually very different, but I think that’s the closest association that most people would understand.

So the Garden card is card 20. It signifies society, the public world. It can also mean any social function: a party, networking, group meetings. It is an active card, outgoing.

A selection of Garden Lenormand cards
A selection of Garden Lenormand cards

Lenormand cards are not read singly, so how one reads the Garden card would depend on (a) the question being asked, and (b) the cards surrounding it. For example, if it were to be next to Man or Woman, it might be a socialite, or someone well connected. It might also literally mean a gardener. There’s an amount of intuition required to read cards; if it were a simple equation, everyone could do it and no one would need Tarot (or Lenormand) readers.

Though the Garden card is considered neutral, I’m usually happy to see it in a reading. There’s something cheerful about this card and its tone, something optimistic and encouraging.

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13 thoughts on “About Gardens”

  1. I know less than nothing about Lenormand cards, and you have picqued my interest in learning more. Thank you for that. I love the selection of garden cards you featured. From my perspective gardens are about growth – which is always a positive though it can be painful.

    1. That’s a great perspective! And one could say the Garden card in Lenormand is about outward growth, too. Personal growth that comes from connecting with others.

  2. Hi there M Pepper! Like Elephant’s Child, I too had not heard of Garden Lenormand cards, but that’s why I love blogging so much…always something new to learn. Thank you for sharing this with us for the WEP challenge!

    Denise 🙂

  3. What beautiful cards. Like others here, I’ve never heard of them either, so I’ve learned something as well as met you. And you have a visually appealing site. I like the simplicity of it, and your perfect photograph that makes me feel like I’m seeing you in person. (I’ve bookmarked your site.)

  4. I didn’t know about Lenormand cards. Thanks for sharing. I’m not surprised the garden card has a social meaning. How often do I see strangers bonding over their gardens, becoming friends, exchanging ideas. Garden always symbolizes growth but it also always aids connection.

  5. Well, I’ve learned something today. I can see why the garden card would have social ties, but I have a feeling there is some connection to growth as well. The collection of cards you shared are quite detail and pretty. I’m interested to know more about them.

  6. Hello,
    I didn’t know about Lenormand cards either, but that is not unusual because I don’t know anything about Tarot cards. It is interesting though that a garden cards have been created that help people to connect to themselves.
    Shalom aleichem,

  7. You can read anything into any omen. I do thank you for the intriguing info. Very interesting. Hard not to see “social” affairs in a garden; they just attract life.

  8. I know nothing about these cards, but someone in our family had Tarot cards, so I’ve seen those. I like learning about new things and this is certainly new to me. Interesting, as is the Zodiac. Thanks for writing about them.

  9. Hi Pepper – it looks like you’ve introduced us to something new … I too fall into the ‘didn’t know about Lenormand cards’ category.

    However the Garden card – could portray so much … usually a positive take on life … but then so many opportunities to grow and learn, or just be and enjoy … fascinating – cheers Hilary

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