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Changers Character Profile: Arlon Doyle

#5 in an ongoing series of character introductions for my forthcoming YA fantasy.

In the world of Changers, children are sent away by their Clans to be raised by the Unaltereds until they morph and can return to their Clans. (The reasons for this are discussed in Book 2.) It sounds complicated, and it kind of is, but the bottom line is that children are raised by foster parents. In most cases there is only one child per family at any given time, but in unique circumstances a family might be given more than one to raise at the same time. Which is what happened with Arlon and Marcus.

Arlon is Marcus’s older foster brother. Changers begins with Arlon being Relinquished to the Aerie Clan, and though typically that would be the last Marcus ever sees of his brother, as circumstances evolve Arlon becomes a key player in the story. The lingering question is: Whose side is Arlon and the Aerie really on?

JC-babylon-5Fun fact: I picture Arlon as a kind of Jason Carter circa Babylon 5 type. Though it only just now occurred to me that his character’s name in that show is, in fact, Marcus.



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