Editing, for me, is so much harder than writing—and writing doesn’t come easily to me either, which tells you how difficult I find editing.

Yesterday I received the first round of edits on Changers, and my stomach is in knots over it. I’m only on page 10. It’s like I have to come up for air frequently because this stage practically gives me panic attacks.

I keep reminding myself of the good things. Edits = progress = closer to publication. And of course I want my book in the hands of readers!

Still, there’s something about the editing process that I find chastising. A lot of it is subjective, and still more of it has to do with individual publishers’ styles. Compromise is required. I try to see it as a learning experience, but sometimes I can’t help but think, This is why I self-publish so much of my work.

Which is not a dig at my publishers, I promise! Every writer should learn to compromise and negotiate their words. I think most of us want to dig in our heels and be stubborn about it, but it really is important to learn to take criticism and critique.

Just having an editor and a publisher is a blessing. It means the work has value. As a writer, I need to remind myself that a little tweaking isn’t a condemnation. But I still have to tackle it in bite-size pieces. They’ve given me two weeks.

Deep breath.

I’m going back under.

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2 thoughts on “#amediting”

  1. You can do it! I’m lucky to have only had to deal with minor edits from my publisher. I’ve had to change more things on short stories for publication than my novellas, and those were tough.

  2. I dislike editing more than writing too. Actually, I wouldn’t mind editing if I had any clue, but editing is the point where you make your words sound as if you knew what you were doing as a writer, and that’s the hard part for me. Even so, working my way through my pages with the help of my critique groups is making a difference. I just wish I felt more like I knew what I was doing.

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