The Akantharhodon

This is old. Like, really old. Something I wrote back in the mid-90s. Fan fiction from a time when I was really into comics and anime. I was cutting my writing teeth, so to speak.

The Akantharhodon spans Fushigi Yûgi, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, CLAMP’s X, and a bit of my own AElitian lore that I’d been developing under the tutelage of Doc Parker. In short, it’s kind of a hot mess. Yet there is one thing that lodged itself in my brain, something that still occurs to me now and then at odd moments: “surprise and delight.” Kamui (from X), portrayed here as an unwanted child . . . Neglected and acting out . . .

“It is true,” Destiny admitted, “that the family is not fond of you. . . Your very nature, Kamui, makes it difficult for anyone to—Ah, and now you are getting that stubborn, stony expression on your face, I know it!” (For Destiny could not see it, he was blind.) “You got that from Morpheus, I’m sure. But, Kamui, remember that you are an orphan, without parents and begrudgingly attended to by your extended family; you cannot go through any world expecting people to love or even like you.”

“So I am to go without ever being loved?” The idea gave him a small, sudden, unwanted pain in his chest. It made his breath catch for a moment, and he wondered at it. He squeezed the stem of the rose in his hand, puncturing himself, and feeling better somehow for having relieved the pressure inside himself, for having bled it out.

“I didn’t say that,” Destiny told him. “I said you cannot expect it. And then, should you be so lucky, it will surprise and delight you.”

This plays out later in the story and is the only part of the entire thing to stick with me.

I can’t say it’s any great piece of writing. Rather, it stands as a testament to how far I’ve come. Though, as a small point of pride, it did win some Internet fan fiction award back in the day. I post it here now more as a curiosity. Just as with my June 11th post wherein I shelved some of my plays, I add this old bit to the digital shelf as well for anyone who might want to check it out.

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