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Changers Character Profile: Marcus Doyle

Second in an ongoing series of character introductions for my upcoming YA fantasy Changers: Manifesting Destiny, forthcoming from Evernight Teen. Read about Cee Klinger here.

Marcus Doyle is Cee’s best friend and also the object of her hopeless crush. Why hopeless? Marcus is gay.

Aside from that, the future world that Changers takes place in has a strict code of conduct that does not allow for physical intimacy between young people. Even holding hands is forbidden.

At the start of the book, Marcus’s older foster brother is being Relinquished to his Clan. It’s unusual for any family to have two fosters at a time, so Cee can’t relate to the way Marcus reacts because she has no context for sibling affection. She only sees Marcus withdrawing, and it drives her crazy.

Marcus, meanwhile, is very aware of Cee’s strong feelings for him, but he has other, more pressing concerns. Like the voice in his head that makes him so sure he’s going crazy . . .

ysh_roweFun Fact: Marcus’s appearance is loosely based on Nicholas Rowe’s portrayal of a young Sherlock Holmes in—wait for it—Young Sherlock Holmes. But dressed more contemporary.



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